How to Close My iifl Account

 can i close iifl account online

Answer : Yes

A dematerialized account is a necessity to trade in Indian stock markets. When an investor chooses to start trading on the stock market, they begin by opening their Demat account which will hold electronic copies of all their securities. As time passes, if one does not continue using their account as often and no longer sees the need for it, it might be smart to close the account completely. Unfortunately, most people let their Demat account lie dormant, and the account incurs its annual maintenance fee which becomes an unnecessary expense.

Prevent making this costly error by closing your account if you are not using it. This way you will not end up losing money towards your account’s maintenance charge. It is vital to learn the ins and outs of how to close a Demat account. This helps in doing the needful as soon as you realize there is no need for you to have an active Demat account.

Demat account close typ..

1. online via Email(easy)

2. Account Closure Form fill end  Physical Post Send Iifl Head office 

3.  visit: brokerage’s nearest branch

1. online via Email(easy)

 Official Account Closeing email id :  [email protected]

Subject : I want to close my account

message : Dear madam/sir 

i want t close my demate accoutn, this is my client id  { Typ Your Clint Id} this is my regeisterd mobile number kindly close this and revret me

 Send Mail  

example email

2. Account Closure Form fill end  Physical Post Send Iifl Head office 

Most brokerage websites will let you close your account online, but others may request that you also submit a letter in person requesting closure. Hence, carefully read the entire closure process beforehand so you are prepared. Firstly, check if your brokerage offers any official closure form. This may be downloaded off of your brokerage’s website. This form will require that you fill in all your personal identification and account identification information. This way your brokerage can be sure that it is you and not some unknown third party that is requesting for account closure.

You can make a request for closure via email or through your brokerage firm’s website. Submit the duly signed closure form and any necessary paperwork. There are some things to keep in mind when you learn how to close your Demat account. Take care of these few pointers before you go ahead and close your account.  

Ensure that there are zero holdings in your account. Sell any remaining shares before closing your account.

Ensure that your Demat account does not have any negative balance. You can check these details by logging into your account online by contacting a registered branch of your brokerage

Ensure you download ‘Account Closure Form’ and other important paperwork which will be necessary for you to submit when you request for Demat account closure.


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